Introducing Port Vintages, by Julian D. A. Wiseman

My good friend and fellow Port enthusiast, Julian D. A. Wiseman, has produced a fabulous book on Port Vintages. The book is now available to pre-order at Port


“This is the definitive reference book on old Vintage Port. Every book that comes after will rely on it.”

“Port Vintages is Wisden’s for drinkers of Vintage Ports. It will be my go-to historical reference book for my family’s brand, each with their own chapter: Cockburn, Dow, Gould Campbell, Graham, Martinez, Quarles Harris, Smith Woodhouse, and Warre. The research and accuracy in defining and recording all historical Vintages is second to none. There is no more complete record.”

“This is an essential work for any one interested in Vintage Port and an absolute must for any serious collector.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Vintage Port or the history of wine. Get yours while you can, there will only be one edition!


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